With archery season finally upon the horizon, we start things off by talking bow maintenance with Cinnamon Creek Ranch’s Chris Lutsinger. A longtime bow technician and competitive shooter, Chris shares over 30 years of expertise with us. The Texas archery season opens up on September 27th and discuss how to make sure that bow is tuned and ready to rock and roll on Opening Day! Also, what are some things to consider when setting up a new bow? How should you define your draw length and appropriate poundage? Chris breaks it all down for us. (Chris doing what he does best)

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Next up we talk some feral hog hunting with renown outdoor writer and blogger Gayne C. Young. A Texas native and editor of Dallas Safari Club’s ‘Game Trails’ publication- Gayne’s book ‘The Complete Guide To Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina’ covers feral hog hunting from top to bottom. In this interview we take the hunt to the pigs, there is nothing wrong with hunting them over a corn feeder or bait pile, but what if you don’t have a lease? Well there are plenty of WMA’s out there that allow hog hunting but you have to go in and get them during the day. So finding those bedding areas and travel corridors are key. Gayne shares some insight with us on the subject. Also, be sure to check out a couple of his more recent books “And Monkeys Threw Crap at Me” & the brand new (out this week) “Teddy Roosevelt, Sasquatch Hunter”.

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Dr. Joe Alton then returns for part two of our two week mini series on Field Medicine and Wilderness Survival. In this 2nd installment we cover a few common injuries likely to occur on hunting/fish trips that we were unable to get to last week. Notably, caring for broken bones, what do in cases of hypothermia and heat exhaustion and also how to deal with possible head traumas. Dr.Alton (AKA ‘Dr. Bones’) helps us understand what to do in these situations where help is miles, sometimes even days away from arriving. Be sure to check out his book

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We round out the broadcast by talking waterfowl hunting with G&H Decoys ‘Duck G.’ whose family has owned and operated G&H Decoys since 1934. There is no room for complacency in the decoy making business and G&H is introducing the all new Navigator swimming decoy for this fall. We all know how those calm days in the marsh cause a decoy spread to become ineffective and G&H’s Navigator is the solution. Of course, we also get a waterfowling history lesson each time we check in with the good spirited Duck G who will tell you first hand he’s been around ‘Since before grass has been growing’! And…we even give away a brand new Navigator decoy during the interview so be sure to tune in!

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