We start things off by getting into Team Legacy fishing’s recent record breaking catch when Richard Richardson stops by. Richard had the pleasure of reeling in this 972.7 lb blue marlin just 130 miles off the coast of Port Aransas last month. The fish broke a 26 year old Texas record by nearly one hundred pounds! Richard recounts the entire story- one that truly is a fish tale for the ages!

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Next, a real treat when ‘Relentless Pursuit’ Host Tim Wells. Whether it’s instinctive archery or throwing a spear- Tim Wells is as proficient a hunter as there is. His passion and energy for hunting has translated into having the #1 rated bowhunting show on Sportsman Channel. We cover everything from shooting dove out of the sky with a bow and arrow, to spearing cape buffalo. Check out Relentless Pursuit on Friday evenings as part of Sportsman Channel’s ‘Full Draw Friday’ lineup.

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We round things out with O.F. Mossberg and Sons Director of Media Relations Linda Powell. We discuss Mossberg’s history and our August 2014 Photo Contest which Mossberg has donated a 930 Semi Auto 12 Gauge Duck Commander Signature Series shotgun as the grand prize. Of course, we also get into her love for hunting. Especially big game.

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