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We kick things off by talking meat care with Outdoor Life Contributing Writer Chris Batin. A native of Alaska for over 40 years, Chris knows how important it is to get your harvest cooled down ASAP and also has decades worth of tips to share regarding protecting that harvest from insects and bacteria. Lets face it, the blood, sweat, tears, time and money that often goes into harvesting a big game animal is monumental. Chris offers some valuable tips and insight protecting that hard earned harvest while in the field. This is especially applicable in remote or primitive hunting situations.

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Next, we talk big bass and big bucks with one of Pro Bass Fishing’s living legends! Former BASS AOY, FLW AOY and Bassmaster Classic Champion Denny Brauer drops in. We discuss Denny’s forte as the best jig fisherman ever to wet a line as well as winter bass patterns.

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Denny is equally as passionate about big bucks as he is big bass and so in this segment we talk all things whitetails with the fishing icon. Specifically, we’ll hear the tale of how Denny put down a 240 inch East Texas monster this season! 21 points- and would you look at that mass? What a buck!!!

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We then round out the broadcast by discussing an alarming and somewhat disturbing trend in Wildlife Biology Majors among college undergrads. Sull Ross State University’s Dr. Louis Harveson has seen and done it all when it comes to teaching the future leaders of North American wildlife management. He’s currently is the director of the highly successful Borderlands Research Institute.

Sadly though, Dr. Harveson has seen an alarming trend over the past 5 years among his students…where 90% were male, owned guns and hunted 15 years ago- today we see the trend is 50% female and fewer and fewer wildlife biology majors actually have any hunting experience. You can understand the level of concern we have for this situation considering that anti hunters and PETA/HSUS freaks are infiltrating the ranks of those responsible for harvest recommendations and season dates. Not a good situation!

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