If I am going on an early seasons archery elk hunt, chasing spring turkey or black bear or sitting in a treestand first week of October, these are the items that will be on my back or in my pack. Obviously I am loyal to First Lite, but if you prefer another brand, then find something in their lineup that is similar to these 5 pieces from First Lite. I’ve been backpacking a long time and these items are as functional and comfortable as it gets for mild weather.

Next, the Hardcore Carnivore herself Jess Pryles jumps on to talk all things MEAT! A self made social media persona, respected author and meat ambassador of all kinds, Jess talks about her background and the lack of grilling/smoking/BBQ culture in her home country of Australia. She moved to Texas 8 years ago and has been soaking up the cooking and hunting culture like white bread in BBQ sauce ever since!

We also discuss her dry aging process (see below) and the differences between dry aging beef vs venison. Also, get ready for a duck fat based caramel flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced! Good things with as big a meat fanatic as you’ll find.

Then our old friend Trent Gilley from Overstocks and Bargains drops in to talk cerakoting firearms, bulk ammunition buys, gun safes and a few specials that Overstocks and Bargains are offering to Lone Star Outdoor Show listeners. (Where else are you going to find 100 rds of 9mm ammo for twenty bucks?)