On this week’s show we hit the Alaskan tundra with Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms. Derrick along with 3 of his buddies, recently completed a do it yourself Barren Ground Caribou hunt. Derrick gives us the low down on what gear he took, caliber rifle, the style of hunting caribou on open ground, cost associated with this hunt and more (Derrick with his bull, taken with the Horizon 6.5 PRC).

Derrick also talks about his interactions and dealings with Grizzly bears on this trip. All four hunters harvested bulls, and all 4 felt the wrath of a hungry grizzly taking what it wanted to from their meat stash. Derrick explains the lack of human fear these bears exhibited and whether or not this is common on this type of hunt.

A grizzly bear’s work on the Horizon guys meat stash. The bears literally left the guys with 80 lbs of salvageable meat from 4 caribou.

We wrap up the discussion by talking New Mexico rifle elk hunting. Something that Derrick does nearly every fall. This year he hit an elk in No Man’s Land. We discuss that area on an elk and hear how a similar shot ended up having a more positive outcome.