If you’ve followed real country music over the past 20 years then you know few can pen a song better than Chris Knight. So it was a treat to have Chris in studio along with Austin Cunningham (a great songwriter in his own right). We take a listen to a few new tunes off the latest record “Almost Daylight”- Chris’ first studio album since 2012. The Kentucky native is also a passionate outdoorsman, and we discuss everything from deer and quail to hunting turkeys with pointing dogs (something that is completely foreign to me).


Chris took an interest in the trophy room and of course I was more than happy to share some of my stories with him.


It’s been a minute since the salty ol seadog Captain Len Girard has been on the show. But he makes his return as well this week. We find out what the trout, redfish and black drum are doing along the coast. He also has a Captain’s horror story to share in the form of one gross act a customer recently committed while on a trip.

Big Redfish make big smiles.