Zach Owens has spent a decade chasing wolves in Idaho’s back country. This past week that persistence paid off as Zach took his 2nd wolf to date. He recounts the events of that day (he and his father in law were actually elk hunting when they heard the pack sounding off) and the emotional ups and downs of having to track a wounded wolf over 2 miles from where he thought he anchored it on the first shot.

Once the wolf was recovered, Zach noticed the collar which ended up being a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks tag. What Zach found out from Montana wildlife officials concerning this specific wolf is nothing short of amazing.


Next we spend a couple segments discussing the increasing popularity of electric bikes among the hunting community with QuietKat’s Product Manager Ryan Spinks. We dive into how these machines have become such a vital tool for many hunters, from western big game guys to the average whitetail bow hunter. Ryan gives us some specs on the QuietKat line up and I’ll share a personal experience where I benefited from having a QuietKat in the field.