Synopsis of Episode 68:

I have some great late season turkey tactics to share with ya’ll. A lot of it is based on my own experiences but I also am pleased that my friend and mentor, outdoor writer and fellow outdoor talk show host Luke Clayton will join the show. Luke has been chasing gobblers for longer than I have been alive. So I am thrilled to have him share some of his thoughts on ways to successfully bag late season toms. Luke also has a stellar turkey fajita recipe that he will share with us.


Also, Lone Star Outdoor News’ Connor Harrison joins us to talk about his recent article that focused on lunkers that have been entered into the sharelunker program multiple times! TPWD’s Sharelunker Program has successfully been microchipping lunker entries for the past 5 or 6 years and the largest fish caught in Texas in 2011 also happens to be the Caddo Lake Monster that was the state’s largest bass caught in 2010. And I’ll be danged if it wasn’t caught in the exact same area of the lake. A fish outta Alan Henry was even entered into the program 3 years straight from ’05-’07. Pretty cool.

We also will check in with Capt Len Girard to get our Texas Saltwater fishing report. He has been wearing out the reds, trout and even flounder of late and Capt Len gives us the lowdown on whats working along the Texas Coast.