Synopsis of Episode 69:

That’s whats coming up this weekend ya’ll. Dr. James Kroll joins us to talk about managing your deer herd during the spring and summer months. “Dr. Deer” is one of the most respected whitetail biologists in the country and it’s a pleasure to have him make a return visit to the show. What should you look for in a protein pellet? What percentage of fat content is too much in a pellet? Should does be harvested early or late in the season or does it eve matter. What about doe age structure in a management plan? All that and a whole lo more with Dr. Kroll.

Then we get back to our Texas roots with some good ‘ol fashioned country music when Zane Williams joins us in studio. He is one of the fastest rising stars on the Texas music scene and I am thrilled to have him join us to play a few tunes and talk a little fishin! We headed out to get after the crappie this week and failed miserably! But we did have a great time and caught a few fish. Zane with a prize- a monster sandie…LOL.


We then round out the show with Army Bass Anglers Founder and CEO Major Cody Roberson. Some of our servicemen have been cashing checks in numerous tournaments of late. Major Roberson even finished first at the Jailbreak Classic on Canyon Lake a couple weeks ago. So we will get into some serious fishing talk and of course I will ask Major his thoughts on Osama Bin Laden’s killing and how he thinks President Obama handled the situation.