Ya’ll said you wanted more bowfishing talk, we were more than happy to oblige and so this week we let some arrows fly with Captain Craig Carter of Outlaw Guide Service. Only there’s a twist, Captain Craig bowfishes the saltwater bays and flats of the Texas coast. So instead of the usual carp, buffalo and gar we get into flounder, black drum, sheepshead and stingrays like the one Captain Craig is holding in the photo below.

He tells us where to find fish shallow enough for bowfishing as well as his favorite times of the year to bowfish the coast. Also, tune in to find out about a unique combo package that is unique to Outlaw Guide Service. It honestly sounds like so much fun it might should be illegal!

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Next a very special in studio treat when highly successful trial attorney, former Texas State Senator, renown conservationist and now author Ted Lyon drops in. Winner of the a multitude of conservation awards such as the ‘2012 Teddy Roosevelt Conservationist of the Year” as named by Big Game Forever, Ted has long been involved with writing and sponsoring pro conservation bills on both state and national levels.

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A lifelong Texan, Ted spends a month of every hunting season chasing upland birds, mule deer, elk and other game near his property outside of Bozeman, Montana. It was on those hunts, sitting around a campfire with other hunters that Ted first became aware of the serious issue wolf reintroduction was causing for Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Since the mid 90’s he has researched the facts and gathered as much info as possible. All of which has been compiled into his new book “The Real Wolf- The Science, Politics and Economics of Co-Existing With Wolves in Modern Times.” We dive into this fact based piece and discuss what American sportsmen can do in the future. Also, you might be surprised to find out whether or not Ted feels wolves will make their way onto the Texas landscape.

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We then wrap things up when lifelong outdoorsman and currently is U.S. Paraclimbing National Champion. In 2002, while climbing high up in the Colorado Rockies, Craig fell 100 feet and ended up with a litany of severe injuries. His right leg was eventually amputated. As you can see, it hasn’t slow him down much. Craig seemed like an ideal fit for Outdoor Channel’s new show ‘Fight To Survive’ which premieres this weekend.

Craig hosts the show and each week they are joined by another outdoorsman or woman who has overcome a serious accident or tragedy that occured in the Great Outdoors. Craig and his guest travel back to the place where the guest’s incident occurred. In some cases, friends were killed, another guest survived for 73 days while floating on a life raft in the middle of the ocean. The show is one of hope, recovery and perseverance and we are excited to have Craig with us today.

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