We start things off by talking some big game hunting with Texas Trophy Hunter Association’s VP Of Operations Josh Kinser. You might have seen Josh on Trophy Hunter’s TV which airs on Outdoor Channel. But today we discuss in detail the awesome ‘Texas Triple Shot’ TTHA Membership Drive. Renew your membership or become a member now until October 31st for a chance to win one of 3 fantastic Texas hunting trips!!! Josh tells us all about the mule deer, aoudad and whitetail packages that are up for grabs. Winners will be drawn on November 1st. And remember…3 hunts, 3 winners.

Even better than that though, TTHA has given us a one year membership and a free shot at the Texas Triple Shot to give away on this weekend’s show. Tune in for a trivia question Josh will come up with when we put him on the spot! We also want to thank Josh for his service. Wounded in Iraq multiple times – Staff Sgt. Josh Kinser received a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts and two Presidential Unit Citations for his service. We appreciate it Josh.

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Next up tackle the Red Snapper issue like never before. This time we check in with Pam Anderson from Captain Anderson’s Marina in Panama City, Florida. This is a topic we covered with everyone from Governor Perry, to our TPWD Coastal Fisheries Director Robin Reichers and various other captains and biologists. But, Pam has been covering this topic and attending the Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council meetings for 7 years. Appointed by the Florida Governor, Pam has some very disturbing news regarding NOAA Fisheries which oversees all of the fisheries in the United States.

There is a very real threat that the Red Snapper fishery will be privitized. If NOAA has it’s way, that will indeed happen. This means recreational anglers will be cut out of the fishery all together and if they do want to catch snapper they will have to purchase ‘Snapper Tags’. This type of ‘Catch Share’ system is unnecessary as the fishery is healthier than it’s ever been. Pam has science based charts and numbers to prove it. The upcoming Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council meeting on October 22nd will determine the fate of the recreational angler when it comes to snapper. Visit the Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council website to leave public feedback or comment before that day! We need every sportsman and woman to stand up for a fishery that belongs to us!!!

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We round out the show by talking whitetails with renown whitetail biologist Jason Shipman. His name is synonymous with growing and managing big whitetails in the Lone Star State. Today we talk about the importance of deer surveys as a management tool. Helicopter, spotlight and trail camera’s are all viable options for deer surveys and Jason prefers a combination of at least two of them.

Jason adds years of expertise to the conversation. Bottom line though is that by knowing how many deer you have, you can come up with the right harvest goals for that property. It also can help you with MLD Permit applications with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Lastly, it’s good land stewardship to not carry X number of deer over your carrying capacity. Jason breaks it all down for us. Here is a nice buck he photographed while running a spot light survey.

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